Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Amazon is a River in South America

The Obama administration recently ordered the Pentagon to change its rules regarding women in direct combat roles such as infantry and armor.  This unprecedented change will supposedly open special operations units to women as well.  I know the president and his civilian "experts" did not bother to ask themselves common sense questions like, "will this make the military more or less effective?" and "How will testing standards and more importantly operational practices need to be changed to accommodate women?"  I know they did not bother because I know their motivation was not to improve combat effectiveness, but to improve the chances of more women being promoted.

The military has this quaint notion that combat troops should often be promoted over support troops who have no direct combat experience. Alas, this diminished the chances for many women to be promoted as far or as fast as many men.  The solution is obvious: ignore the truth that the average woman is far less physically capable than the average man to perform strenuous activities.  The president and his ilk prefer to deny this truth and they must force the Pentagon to participate in the denial by arbitrarily reconstructing the physical ability tests. that men have These tests are tough for physically capable men to pass so they will have to be altered significantly so some women can pass them. or perhaps they can forget the whole thing and drop the tests as a requirement for combat jobs.  Does this sound like this administration has the best interests of the military or America's national security as priorities?

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