Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Secretary of Defense for a Day: 3 Items

What would you do if you were the Secretary of Defense for a day? This is the "thought experiment" I considered recently and these are the top three items I would put on the agenda:

1. There is too much duplication, expense and inefficiency among the four services. I would reorganize the branches by folding the Marine Corps into the Army and return the Air Force to its original condition as a Corps within the Army.

2. Refocus efforts into combat effectiveness. This does not always mean embracing the latest piece of technology. I would focus on ways to reduce the Army's tooth to tail ratio so tactical units like platoons and companies can operate independent of bases for up to weeks at a time.

3. I would put a stop to all of the silly uniform changes such as the Navy's weirdo bluish digital camouflage and the Air Force's digital tiger stripe uniforms. i.e. we're at war - pick one uniform!

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